Light duty cleaning is considered to be fast and non-detailed cleaning work. It's the kind of cleaning that you do when you have company coming over at a last minute notice. Our maids provide dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, bed making, spraying down walls and disinfecting door knobs. Cleaning refrigerator, microwave, stove, table tops, counter tops, mirrors, cabinets and dishing washing. We do not clean tubs, toilets, bathroom floors and any area with excessive germs, dirt or grime. Cleaning in an unsafe or dangerous environment will not be permitted. Absolutely-no heavy duty cleaning, no moving furniture, wiping down the walls on a ladder or anything outside of the home or office. Windows at your place of service must be covered at all times and no window cleaning allowed. Any equipment or supplies needed for this service will be provided by the customer. Maids will NOT clean your dwelling if you have a infestation problem (Roach-rat-ant-flea etc.).

At no time will there be any physical contact between the maid and the client. The maid is only there to clean and the client is invited to watch, but not touch! This also applies to any quest as well. The number of people allowed in the home at the time of service is limited to 2, one of them being the client and the other being the guest. You may have more guests if you become a repeat customer. All parties must be 18 years of age or older and provide proper valid state ID upon request. You must own, lease or rent the place which service is to be performed. If paying by credit card, you will be responsible for all credit card fees that apply (per transaction).

We only service the complete Saint Louis City and Saint Louis County region. When out of the regular service area, we may service a few districts that will require a $10 dollar fee applied for the following districts. Arnold, Ballwin, Fenton, Chesterfield, Oakville, O'Fallon, Saint Charles, Saint Peters, Spanish Lake, Valley Park etc. No service provided in Illinois. Some clients may have this fee waived if they become a routine repeat customer. We have the right to change service coverage availability in any area we feel fit at any time.

The relationship between the maid and the client will be mutually respectful. There will not be any harassment, foul language or obscene behavior while the maid is on the premises. No smoking, no using illegal drugs and no consumption of alcoholic beverages while service is in progress. No offering of such items to our maids as well. The maid has the right to refuse service at their own discretion. This client conduct section also applies to any guest as well. If at any time (for any reason) the maid becomes uncomfortable with her surroundings, they are to leave immediately and contact the management office, where the matter will be investigated. If it is determined that, the client's behavior was in violation of our polices, no refund will be given. If there is any foul play, physical harm or a missing maid around the time of your service, we will call the police. When police arrive, you will be giving up the right to have police search your premises without a search warrant. Once you have filled out our service form, you are giving up your right to have police search your place or dwelling the whole day without a search warrant.

There will be no offers of "side jobs" to the maids during the time of your cleaning. The only money that may be exchanged between the client and the maid will be a gratuity for the cleaning service. We do not promote or accept responsibility for payment of services other than cleaning. We strongly suggest that the client has no emotional involvement with the maids.

A bodyguard will be provided by the our management company upon the request of the maids. The bodyguard will drive the maid to the location of the job, follow the maid into the residency and stay until the service has ended. Security will not interfere in any way with the service. They are only there to observe and make sure the maid is respected, safe and comfortable with their surroundings.

The person you choose to sit in on your service is called your guest. Your guest will also be required to provide legal state ID or valid driver's license upon request. The guest must also abide by all rules and regulations like the client.

Your pet or pets must be out of sight and out of mind. We prefer your pet to be outside or in the basement and away from all cleaning areas. Your pet must never be used to pull a prank or to block a maid from coming or going. There will be no pet surprises. If you say you don't have a pet and we show up and visually see one, this will violate your service agreement and may terminate your service.

Photographing, audio recording or video taping the maid is not permitted. Cameras, computers and cell phones must be put away from viewing during the entire session. Upon attaining our service you will agree to this or face a $10,000 dollar fine if such devices are found to be used, linked, leaked distributed for fun, used for personal gain or made to shame someone for personal reasons of any kind. You also will be responsible for all legal fees that STL Nude Maids may occur in the prosecution of this matter.

When paying for service, you must first fill out our service request form completely. Based on your service request, we will then send you an email invoice to your email address with payment options detailed in your invoice. You can pay by any credit card or money order. All money orders must be made out to:

The United Network of Service Providers

Once payment has been made, allow 3 business days before service is to begin.


Once you have paid the full service package amount three days before your service date, you have 24 hours to cancel your service or you will forfeit half of the entire amount. After this time has elapsed, you can't have this balance roll over into a new service on a separate date and time.

We keep your identity a complete secret.

We don't sale, use or distribute your information

to a second or third party. You are on

our secure servers only!

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This request service form will give us the time,

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